Marga Herbosa shares the joy in dressing up

We chatted with Marga Herbosa, visual artist and Carl Jan Cruz manager, and got to know more about her work, tips on dressing up, and things that inspire her lately.


Can you tell us more about the work you do?

"Hieeee!!! I’m Marga, brand manager of CARL JAN CRUZ. I work closely with the #carljancrewz team to organize and execute sales and marketing plans. A lot of it really involves creative strategy and constant discussion about the brand, and sometimes it’s just making chika in the studio about everything that we like or enjoy lately."

What would be your no-nonsense go to outfit when it’s a busy day?

"Hmmm comfort is always important for me whenever I dress up, so I often wear loose “fun” tops and relaxed midi skirts or dresses with a jacket (cause I love to layer) and comfy shoes of course!!! CJC Pambahay and Apara are my staples lately."


How would you style your leather footwear for a long day?

"I wear cute socks to match my shoes, so I’m comfortable and feeling cute throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll wear some anklets I bought from Thailand, depending on the mood of the day."

You travel a lot—is it for leisure or work?
"It’s definitely a mix of leisure and work. Sometimes CARL JAN CRUZ will have pop-ups or other agendas abroad, while other times I just choose to travel to immerse myself in new environments, new cultures and good food tbh!"

What was a recent interesting travel encounter?
I recently went to Tokyo, and visited an art exhibition in the Mori Art Museum. Didn’t expect to be so amused by the info and works of Heatherwick Studio– such a broad spectrum of creative solutions in architecture, product design, and even furniture. So so refreshing to see art always <3"



How did you dress up for it?

"When I travel I actually plan my outfits based on my shoes and bags!!! Shoes and accessories are so important for me in setting the mood for the day. On the day I visited the museum, it was rainy so I chose my comfiest (but still cute) waterproof clogs and wore a printed dress and jacket that played around the same color palette of my shoes. Also picked out a printed bag to make the look more fun."


Do you have any tips for organizing your wardrobe to ensure you always show up put together?

"Document your closet so you know what you have! It’ll be easier to randomly put looks together in your head. Also, shoes dictate a lot about how I go about my day, and if you aren’t comfy in your shoes it’ll affect the mood! Always put comfort first! But also, invest in cute (maybe even colorful) ones, and don’t always buy the same colors/styles of shoes cause they really do say a lot about your personality 😛 They’re a good way to evolve your style."

Photos via Marga Herbosa. Marga is on instagram via @margaritaherbosa.

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