Our Story

Andanté is a brand built from the belief that the things we own should last, able to stand the test of time and trends. The name comes from the Italian musical term meaning quite slowly, which encapsulates how we work things here as a slow and classic fashion brand.

Classic leather footwear for the modern wardrobe

Our aesthetic fits of that smart, discerning consumer who wants their closet to be as effortless and elegant as they are. With designs inspired by the past, we take cues from the fashion of different eras and recreating them with an updated look.

"With an assortment of loafers, oxfords, ballerina flats, mary janes, and fisherman sandals, the brand has a sartorial roster of ever-enduring silhouettes."

"Andanté puts a fun, young twist on your classic loafer shoe, and a lot of what the founders rely on is local talent."


Design & Practice

High Quality Materials

We choose to work with genuine leather for its beauty and durability. Unlike faux leather, genuine leather gets more beautiful over time so your pair can be used for the years to come. As of today, certain processes behind vegan and faux leather do more environmental damage than it helps. We’re always working towards a better way to do business, do shoot us a message if you have any suggestions.

Fair Trade Company

Andanté practices fair trade as we engage in safe and sustainable methods of producing handmade crafts for better impact on stakeholders and the environment. We’ve partnered up with a factory located in Marikina City, Philippines, where artisans are compensated well and are being trained to have independent factories on their own. To learn more about fair trade practices, visit this page.

Sustainable Company

One of the biggest problems of fashion is waste from unsold products. Although Andanté is mainly a ready-to-wear brand, we take pre-orders whenever we begin production—ensuring almost every pair we make has an owner and doesn’t go to waste. This method also allows us to be more inclusive as we can take your size, whether it’s bigger or smaller than usual or in between sizes. Know more about the Pre-order Method here.

From our name Andanté, walk slowly, walk andanté
—strive to do things better, not fast.