Size Guide

Knowing the right shoe size is the first step to finding your perfect pair. To ensure an accurate fit, determine your heel-to-toe measurement and check the corresponding shoe size below. (See: How To Measure Your Foot)

The Modern Loafer and Balmore Oxford have narrow structures so we encourage sizing up. Refer to the sizing chart below for the recommended shoe size.

How do I get measurements?

Click here to view our 3-step guide on how to measure your foot.

Still not sure which size to get?

If you need assistance with sizing, please contact us so we can help you get the best fit.
Not available in your size?

Learn more about our Pre-order Method.

Not the right size?

You can return or exchange them as long as it is unused and in the same condition as you received it. Our policy lasts for 7 days. See our Return and Exchange Policy for more information.

Note that a high quality pair of leather shoes will still stretch and soften over time. A new pair of shoes may feel tight at first, but depending on your feet, it usually takes 2-3 uses to break in. (See: The Break-in Process)