Shoe Care

At Andanté, we believe a pair of quality leather shoes require quality care too. Take note of these steps to preserve your pair for the years to come.


Keep your shoes in a climate-controlled environment. Avoid contact with direct sunlight, heat, or moisture.

Use a cedar shoe tree to hold the leather shoe in its proper shape, and help control odor and absorb moisture over time. You may also stuff acid-free tissue paper in your shoe as an alternative.

Clean, Condition, and Polish
Remove dirt and dust using a soft cloth, making sure your shoe is free from debris. Apply a leather cleaner on the shoe upper and stacked heel (for white leather, use ESSU Blanc Cleaner to remove stains). Once the cream is completely dried, buck the leather with a clean cloth or shoe brush.

Apply a shoe conditioner after cleaning. This moisturizes and softens the leather so that it prevents from drying or cracking later on.

As a rule of thumb, there should always be a thin layer of polish on your leather shoe. Try using a wax-based polish, instead of a cream-based one, to polish your shoe.

Wet Shoes + Waterproofing

If your leather shoes get in contact with water, towel dry right away. Stuff the inside of your shoes with newspaper or a towel to absorb water residue.

For added protection, you can use a waterproofing spray to create a barrier in case it gets in contact with water.


Repair Service

Depending on the damage, we offer repair service on our products. Please contact us at and we will see if your pair is a good fit for restoration or repairs.

*Shipping fees apply