The Break-In Process

As your new leather shoes are still getting to know your feet, it’s normal for them to feel tight, rub at the heel, or pinch with every step. Every andanté pair is handmade from full grain leather and requires breaking in. This process is a standard practice for high-quality leather shoes and guarantees comfort in the long run.

Depending on the shape of your feet, breaking in may last between 1 to 2 weeks with continued use. We’ve put together some tips below to guide you further.


Protect the common blister spots: In the beginning, you can expect a bit of stiffness and oncoming blisters (your heel and toe joints are common pain points). We recommend using socks, applying petroleum jelly, or adhering moleskin to protect these areas during the break-in period.

Jumpstart the break-in process by using them frequently in short durations at home. You may also walk them with socks to warm up your pair.

Keep wearing the shoes frequently, increasing time as the weeks go by.

 After they have molded into your feet, you may wear them in extended durations.


Once your feet have warmed up to your new pair, they are fit for long walks and travel.