Colin Dancel meets herself in her art, friendships, and at home

We had a quick chat with photographer Colin Dancel, whose evolved yet personal work as a creative we admire.

We find your work very evolved and mature. How would you describe your personal photography style and how you got there?

"Thank you – that warms my heart. I get asked about Personal Style a lot – I don’t have a set answer of how I got here, but photography is so personal to me that I am still learning how to separate myself from it. So, I guess, as of now, the work that I choose to share with the world is sharing pieces of myself, too."

What does a day of shooting look like with clients or editorial work, and how would you dress up for it?

"I dress simply and comfortably. Shoots are when I move a lot– I always joke that I don’t need to work out because I’m a photographer. I have a shoot vest that I always wear with either denim pants or a skirt and rubber shoes."

Aside from your client work, you’ve created personal pieces that reflect your feelings. What is your thought process behind these?

"A lot of my personal work is intuitive and materializing photographs that are already formed images in my head. A lot of the “process” is giving time, space, energy, and, most importantly, discipline to create them. I have a day job & freelance projects and I am learning to save my yeses & nos."

You recently travelled to Cambodia, an underrated South East Asian destination. What was an interesting or inspiring find?

"I went to Cambodia for a photography workshop with Angkor Photo Festival. I met so many photographers and artists, and It’s the most energizing feeling that I will carry with me, always. "

It’s a pretty hot country. How did you dress up for it?

It was warm but not far off from our weather so it was easy. I have my staples with me – mostly from local brands I love. I really am trying to shop more locally <3"

What’s a piece of advice you would give to young artists in creating art?

"Have a safe space – whatever that looks like. I am finding mine in friendships and physically, in my apartment. Feeling safe is the only way you can meet yourself. Social Media is what you make it to be for yourself – it’s a tool, use it accordingly."

Photos via Colin Dancel. Colin is on instagram via colindancel.

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