APARA's Jessica Choy shares her mindful approach to everyday dressing

APARA brand owner Jessica Choy shares with us her purchasing habits that's clearly reflected with the brand she built with her friends and the way she dresses up everyday.

You’ve created a brand that closely defines your own personal style. How did it happen and what is the process of creating new collections for Apara?

"My best friends and partners Ariana, Eya, Nana and I always placed importance on dressing as a form of self expression. We knew that if we were to start a business together, it would be in apparel.
We begin a new collection by sourcing new textiles to play with that can offer something different to our closets and diving into our growing archive of notes and saved inspiration from everywhere. The design and sampling process starts from there and it's a collective effort from us four."

What’s the best way to dress with Apara? What shoe would you pair it with?

"Anything and everything in your closet! For shoes, I always reach out for a comfortable pair of sandals because it’s too hot to wear anything else!"

When it comes to building your wardrobe, what are your thoughts on fast fashion, ethical manufacturing, thrifted vintage, and supporting local brands?

"These are all concepts I practice when I shop. If I find something I like from a non local or fast fashion brand, I don't give myself a hard time because I know I'll wear it as long as I can. I also ask myself these questions which helps me stay true to what's sustainable for me:

What am I trying to accomplish by purchasing the item? Do I love it and is it for me? (i.e. Do you like how it looks in the mirror, does it fit your figure, does it “feel” like you?) Will it be a good building block for my wardrobe? (i.e. Will acquiring this piece add not just 1 but 10 more outfit options?) Is it a quality item? Will it last?

If you can only wear one outfit forever, what would it be? And with which pair of (andanté) shoes?

"The black Scoop Dress from APARA paired with the andanté Wrap Sandal."

What piece should people buy from Apara first and why?

"I’d say go for whichever would get the most wear. Genuinely!"

What’s next for Apara? Can you let us in on a secret or a hint about your next release to get people excited?

"It's an exciting one! Expect to see new textiles and colors for the last quarter of the year."

Photos via Jessica Choy. Jessica is on instagram via @jessicachoy.

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