Summertime weather signals the opportunity for outdoor dining! While beach trips and out-of-town travels are out of the picture for now, garden parties can be a great way to bond with your loved ones (or some alone time). You don't have to be somewhere halfway around the world to have a change in atmosphere. With a few tweaks and decors, you can transform your yard or garden—no matter how small the space is, into an enchanting gathering.


You're lucky if you already have a blossoming garden available but don't fret if you don't have access to one or if you think your yard isn't big enough! A party doesn't need to be in a manor-style garden to be fun. With the right design ideas and supplies, it's easy to transform your space into a verdant party.


Gather your pretty pots, hanging baskets, and flower garlands and have them present on your setting. Your garden can be green enough by itself but it also doesn't hurt to add more flowers and even more greenery. Add some flower arrangements on your table, placed in colourful vases and if you have even more to spare, scatter in some petals as well.

Envision your place with much bloom and have it brimming with vibrant colours all around, from plants to tableware. Don't be afraid to be playful, mix different hues for your cutlery and linens. Colours that usually clash won't matter in a garden party (and might even work beautifully) so don't be afraid to be playful.

If your party is in the morning, afternoon, or evening, hanging decors should be an essential. From banners to string lights, these will add a more festive vibe to your event. For a whimsical atmosphere, try taking out your vintage (or antique-inspired) furniture and ornaments. If you have kids, do a movie night or
for that summer vacation feel, bring out your inflatable pool!

Since it is an outdoor party, always remember how unpredictable the weather can be. Provide blankets with the chairs for a chilly night or a tent if the sun is too hot or for any sudden rains.


Think about what flavours you want to capture for your outdoor party. Do you want to celebrate the day with the fresh produce of the season? Or are you hosting for someone's birthday party?

To enhance the alfresco ambience, you can try grilling meat or fish for the main course, complemented with a fresh salad and squeezed juice. If you're imagining a dinner party where your guests can mingle, set up a buffet table with tiered stands or do a Korean barbecue night and get everyone to enjoying cooking while socialising.

If it's an all-adult party, topping it all off with a gin and tonic in the summer, served with edible flowers and herbs will surely be a show-stopper. 

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