On paper, Ted Lasso should be an average show. It’s not a groundbreaking concept and the plotlines can be predictable. But with the unexpected wit, stellar cast, and kindhearted nature of the script together, this is a sports comedy that shines. 

The Emmy-winning series follow the story of former American football coach Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis), who is suddenly recruited to coach an English Premier League team despite having no experience coaching soccer—the European football. He starts out as a butt of joke and skepticism in the English community, but as the series progresses, one cannot help but root for him.

Scene from episode "The Diamond Dogs" | Apple TV


A few episodes in, we start to meet the endearing characters on and surrounding the club as they also navigate through their own lives—embracing their winning moments, recognizing their faults and baggages, and finding their own glimmer of hope. Quick-witted remarks continue to be exchanged between characters and, like any successful show about a sports team, draw on camaraderie for emotional strength. 

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Ted Lasso famously began as a passion project of Jason Sudeikis and his team—a series of NBC Sports ads with Sudeikis portraying an American coach, promoting the network’s coverage of the Premier League back in 2017.

Heartwarming, wholesome, and whether or not you like sports, “Ted Lasso” may just be the show you need. Season one and two are now available on AppleTV+.

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