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How would you sum up your childhood years? It definitely feels weird to have the stuff you grew up with to be already so nostalgic.

Comedians Cecily Breaux and Alden Derck sit down and serve us up a podcast entirely reminiscent on their childhoods—from movies, TV shows, toys, music, video games, and everything else we all used to like (or still like).

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Breaux and Derck are absolutely charming, funny, natural on air and a real treat to listen to. The duo uncovers all our childhood gems and try to gain a better understanding of themselves now. Their pithy observations and funny commentaries liven up every episode as they relive the best and worst times of our lives (a.k.a. puberty and awkward teen phases) while bringing up forgotten movies and shows.

A nostalgia treat for your long commutes, So Yesterday is a trip down memory lane that tickles your funny bone and touches your heart at the same time.  

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