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If you needed to hear it, it's been almost nine months since the lot of us have been cooped up within the walls of our homes. The #stayhome protocol can be difficult for most, if not all, as we are forced to keep our lives indoors. Two weeks stretched into months and we are probably (almost) past the feeling of shock and confusion. And while it's not easy to be at peace with the seeming permanence of the situation, we can definitely take a shot at making it feel normal as possible and maybe investing in a sustainable home office or work station is a start.

Motivating Atmospheres
You may have read a lot of stories on successful people starting their empires by working at a garage or a kitchen counter. It's not exactly necessary, practical, or even directly related to their success. Working at a kitchen table, for one, takes extra time when you have to constantly have to pack up and set up every time you eat!  

Consider the atmosphere. Is it free from distractions? Separated from common areas? Your space is somewhere you'll be in almost everyday for work and should be for that purpose only.

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Setting A Familiar Arrangement
After finding the best location, as much as it is practical for you, start with a bare space. Remove as much stuff as you can to better visualise your station and make sure there is at least one outlet by your table as a charging station.
Set up your home office with the starting essentials: good light and good furniture. If you used to work in an office, try replicating the items from there to make it feel 'normal' or 'familiar' (only to an extent that you're comfortable with).

It's your chance to improve on the things that didn't work for you—if you hated that swivel chair back at the office, try opting for one with taller backrests or cushions for a new and comfortable feel.

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Investing in New Appliances
We may be working remotely but most of us still hold meetings with other people virtually. We can also end up working long hours at our desks that can lead to strained wrists. Help yourself—and your posture—by getting a laptop stand and arm rest. And if you don't want to look unflattering in those Zoom calls, try your luck with a lighting scheme that you can adjust.

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Making the Space Your Own
Take the opportunity to design your space with greenery. An office plant can help decrease your stress, improve your mood, and help with air circulation. You can also add flare and character by hanging art, photographs, and decor on your walls and desks. Keep yourself calm and inspired. If you have a vision board, place it somewhere you can always see.

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