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A lot of us spent the majority of the last couple years hunkered inside our bedrooms, spent an astonishing amount of screen time hours online (and was introduced to TikTok, you know, the new Gen-Z thing). Just hearing about the year 2019 feels like it was decades ago…spoiler alert, it’s only been three years. And it was also during the glorious time of Caroline Polacheck’s solo debut album, Pang.

But Caroline Polacheck is definitely far from a newbie, being in the music industry for more than a decade, the former Chairlift frontwoman features her synth-pop roots while balancing it with flawless sentimentality. Now, a few years after that, social media is finally getting to know her music better—through the classic TikTok treatment, of course.

'You’re so hot you’re hurting my feelings' was something I told someone in a moment where someone was looking painfully hot, and I was laughing about it for a couple of days afterwards.

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Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

…Before I even went into the [writing] session I was like, ‘We have to use this line. It’s the chorus of something.’

 — Caroline Polacheck in an interview with Genius.com

People have been posting their own recreations of the choreography from the music video for ‘So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’. And from the campy gestures to the retro-classic themes, the movements are quirky and easy to do, a sure formula for the next viral dance trend.
It was only a matter of time until the trend has reached full circle back to Polacheck—and she’s more than eager to let everyone know who owns the dance.
Listen to the song (and maybe learn the moves while you’re at it) below.

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