An Anniversary Exhibition

The Secret Life of Shoes

Explore the fascinating history and journey of the footwear we wear today and how material and craftsmanship can make a longer, lasting object.

Know their story and feel even more connected to the things you own—and to the people who made them.

In History

Leather has a long history—beginning at a time when it was used for survival and development of humanity. 

The oldest shoe discovered is a Moccasin-like slipper made from cowhide leather.

In Photo: 5500 year old shoe found in an Armenian cave

A Timeless Material

Leather has been part of fashion of a while now, constantly reinventing itself depending on the progress of techniques and machines. Since then, it has definitely been a staple in a classic wardrobe.

Leather In Style

Because of its beauty, comfort, and practicality, furniture, clothing, and accessories that use leather materials are most often seen as luxurious.

Since the early 1900s, the material is sought after by the fashion and industrial world and has been known to be a representation of wealth and status.

Marikina: City of Shoes

The Marikina Shoe Industry

The Marikina shoe industry was pioneered by Kapitan “Moy,” who is credited to be one of the first craftsmen who manufactured shoes in the city during the 18th century.

He brought in a lot of footwear from his travels, ripped them apart, and studied how these were made. Soon enough, every other street of Marikina City had a shoe shop.

The industry was at its peak in the 1950s.

2000s — Present

Due to the globalization, there was an influx of imported, mass produced footwear that inevitably shut down more than half of Marikina’s footwear manufacturers by 1994.

Since then, the increasing number of shoe imports and the recent global pandemic have downsized the industry even more.

With more education towards appreciation of locally sourced footwear and digital platforms more relevant than ever, we hope to bring back the light to the little shoe town of the Philippines.

The Art of Shoemaking

At Andanté, our focus has always been longevity-both in quality and in style.

The art of shoemaking goes through a very tedious production process, so we are driven to make things we own last a long time.

Once one acquires a deeper appreciation for materials and craftsmanship, you become more connected to  each curve, stitch, and finish of your shoes. 

Knowing their stories makes our things feel more alive—making us a part of their lives. Ultimately, you will feel more connected to the things you own and the people who made them.

The in-store exhibit will run from May 31 to June 30, 2024