Letters From Our Home To Yours

Social distancing has been different for each of us. Some struggle with their inner anxieties, some with loss, and some with losing hope.
In collaboration with our friends from GrahamType, an art platform for daily bite-sized wisdom, we wrote these letters to remind you to keep it slow & steady—there's hope to every story.


01 — A Letter to the Overthinkers
and to Your Inner Anxieties

"It’s not a competition.

Do you ever feel like life would pass you by in a blink? Suddenly, you haven’t done anything significant. You worry about people doing better than you. You worry you haven’t learned enough. You worry that you’re a disappointment. You worry that you're wasting time. You worry that you’re behind.

Most of all, you're worried because you feel like you can't do anything about all your worries.

It’s not a competition.

Everyone has their own struggles. Each coping at their own pace. Just slow and steady, take it one worry at a time."

02 — A Letter for Your Grief When
It's Time to Move On

"The world feels heavy. You feel as if it's crashing down on you, making you regret things undone or words unsaid. You did not expect this sudden loss of someone you loved, or something you cherished. It just happened.

And what else is there to do, but let it fall. Let it fall through your sorrow.

Grieve—cry your eyes out, listen to your favorite playlist, write what you feel, pray when you need to, talk to them in your dreams.

Mourn for your losses and be grateful for what's been. When you're ready, it's time to look ahead. Just slow and steady, take it one step at a time."

03 — A Letter to Those Who Need to Find New Hope
in an Old, Familiar Place

"Do you ever feel caged—perhaps in your own home or in your own mind?

You count the scenarios you could be in right now. Maybe you could've done better in your career. Maybe you could’ve made more meaningful connections. Maybe you could’ve visited more places. Maybe you could’ve bonded with your loved ones. Maybe you could’ve done more. Just more.

When you focus on the maybes, you lose sight of what you can do with what you have.

A chance to do better with work or a chance to take a break off it. A chance to better connect with friends and family. A chance to experience more of what life can bring. A chance to make the best of what you have.

While the world is at pause, find comfort in the familiar things. Sometimes it takes a grateful eye to see that what you have is more than enough to open new doors. Just slow and steady, take it one hope at a time."

 This is us for you, and yours for someone you may know. 
Keep this letter or send a postcard digitally. 


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