Dolce Far Niente


“Dolce Far Niente”—the Italian term for “pleasantly doing nothing,” exactly what we want to do this weekend. For once, dillydally and be aimless. Have a bubble bath, call a friend, jump up and down, or just do whatever.

Featuring Chinma Anyanwu




From our capsule collection, we introduce
the andanté slipper collection: intentionally made for
the outdoors but with the comfort of your indoors.
Easy to slip on-and-off so you can slip off
to your dreams as easy.



If you find yourself rushing your morning rituals
on weekdays, slow down on the weekend
and take your time. There’s nothing
more satisfying than actually finishing
skin care routine, both morning and night.

Chinma wears The Smoking Slipper,
perfect for a relaxing, everyday look.


Andanté The Penny Slipper


Drink tea, read the book that’s been
on your shelf for months (or years) now.
Do it in the most comfortable way.
Sleep on the book, because no one cares if you do.



Wearing the timeless dress shoes of the 1930’s
now in a backless version, 
The Penny Slipper.


Andanté The Modern Slipper


The Dolce Far Niente campaign is all about
being carefree;
because when you work hard
on most days, you deserve a break.



Upgrade your look with The Modern Slipper.
detail and always an instant favourite.

Dolce far niente. Sometimes, don’t be afraid
to do nothing. Walk slowly, walk andanté
in our new slipper collection.


Shop the slipper collection.