It's a very unusual Mother's Day and we think a good movie is a great way to spend this special day while at home.
For today's #SlowdownSunday, we asked our andanté women to share some movie titles they've enjoyed watching with their moms and these are some of their top picks—

1. Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Trish Filart, Content Creator: "My mom and I have watched Two Weeks Notice several times together but we still enjoy it every time because we just love Hugh Grant. We also have so much fun watching movies from The Avengers film series, for those who don't feel like watching romantic comedies."

2. The Ring (2002)

Jaz Reyes, Events Host and DJ: "I have fond memories of watching horror films like The Ring. It's not the usual but I learned my love for them and the fearless attitude my mother has for the supernatural. Demons and ghouls aren't the scariest things to face in the world. It's your mom and her slipper, joke!"

3. Panic Room, Into The Night, and A Quiet Place

Bea Marquez, Designer and Colorist: "My mom and I share a strange love for thrillers and apocalypse movies, and this week we rewatched Panic Room (2002) by David Fincher. Aptly, it revolves around mother and daughter, not to mention the find Upper West Side brownstone home it takes place in that appeal to both our taste.

We also binged Netflix's Into the Night in just one night and we could watch A Quiet Place over and over again! We find odd comfort in seeing catastrophes unfold onscreen alongside that much needed human resilience especially in these days."

4. The Proposal, Harry Potter film series, and Ocean's 11

Nadine Felice, Video Creator: "I just remember laughing a lot when I first saw [The Proposal] because there's a lot of wacky stuff in this movie! Growing up, my mom [also] looked forward to the latest Harry Potter film. It will always feel nostalgic, plus, I love being transported to the magical world! 

Something with her favourite actors: Ocean's 11. I mean, there's George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon doing outrageous heist-y things to steal money! Really just a fun film to watch."


What movies do you enjoy watching with your mom? Share it with us below!

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