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We might not be going back to the gyms anytime soon but the internet is here to offer us an alternative: streaming workouts. Spot your go-to studios, instructors, and fitness experts as they host their own live streams and classes to keep us fit at home.

If you find yourself losing your routine, take a peek at this list, clear out the space in your living room, and see which ones fit best in your own time. 



Plana Forma

Plana Forma

The Barre technique is a hybrid workout method that integrates ballet moves with certain elements of Pilates, Yoga, and strength training. Using one's own weight resistance to tone the whole body, Plana Forma guarantees that hard earned burn feeling after every workout.  


30-Minute Cardio Dance and Sculpting Workout With Sliders - YouTube

Megan Roup

Celebrity trainer Megan Roup from The Sculpt Society will get you ready to build those long, lean muscles you've been wishing for. The dance cardio and sliders are very fun and friendly for beginners or for anyone looking for a quick sweat sesh that will have you smiling throughout.


Alo Moves | Your At-Home Studio

Alo Moves

Alo Moves offers access to different yoga practices from world-class instructors— from fitness, mindfulness, health, and overall wellness. Try out their free 14-day trial here.


Habitat Fitness

Habitat Fitness's big draw is establishing a community that makes fitness fun. They are now offering a comprehensive workout program that you can follow in the comfort of your own home, complete with video demonstrations and coach support.  


Q&A With Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich

Kit Rich 

One of the top celebrity instructors in LA, Kit Rich leads classes that combine cardio and Pilates sequences. If you have basic equipment with you (and it's alright if you don't), you can try her free workouts and livestreams on her YouTube channel.


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