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About Almeda

"Black faith is unwavering. And yet, at a time when blackness is up for grabs by the masses, Solange reminds us that the ownership of black culture by black people can never die. It is for us, by us, forever with us." 

— Britt Julious, Pitchfork contributor

With the surprise release of her latest album, When I Get Home, Solange gets in touch with her Southern black roots and the distinctness of black faith through the song Almeda, touching up on sensitive issues such as cultural appropriation.

These are black-owned things
Black faith still can't be washed away
Not even in that Florida water

Solange's upbringing was heavily influenced growing up in Houston. The track's beats draw in inspiration from the chopped and screwed genre, a remixing technique that started in the Houston hip-hop scene in the 90's. Almeda is also a name of a place southwest of Houston.

Albeit a song dedicated to her black culture, the song still poses an imminent reminder for everyone. Almeda is an inspiring and empowering ode for us to continue to revere, to claim, and to bask in the beauty and power of our own cultures. 

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